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How many cameras do I need for a wedding?

Your wedding day is one of your life’s most important days and it’s only fitting that it’s remembered as the special event it is. Hiring a videographer, a professional who is in charge of capturing scenes of the day in film for you and your family to enjoy in the coming years is some of the most significant people that are needed to achieve that. This person must have skills of shooting video of newlyweds and old parents, friends and their kids. Because of that, having a videographer at a wedding is now virtually a tradition, but have you ever considered having two? There’s an additional fee to pay for that, yes, but here are some of the biggest reasons to have more than one camera for a wedding.

Larger cover distance

Your videographer is responsible for covering various stages of the wedding, including the preparation, the ceremony and the reception. One videographer will typically take care of all of these, but it cannot be denied that often, if there were an extra pair of hands who could focus on other parts of the coverage, the results are not as good as they should have been.

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It will also capture some of your key moments better when you have two videographers. That’s key, because after the wedding video editing you want to end up with a very special montage of events. So, you don’t just have endless shots, you have a wide range of shot options as well. Let’s see about other pros of using two cameras for a wedding.

Higher chance of crucial moments missing

You never want your videographer to miss any of the key moments that occur in a wedding, like the exchange of vows and the first kiss as a couple. However, the thing is, there’s always that risk. Getting more than one videographer cuts down risks in half, means you can be more confident that you don’t have to worry about filming at a poor angle, messing up in other ways, or just not capturing at all.

More Space to Creativity

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Videographers are some of the most talented designers out there, so having two on your team during your wedding will bring a lot of good things. For one you don’t have to think about running out of new ideas ever. You do have the option of collaborating with another artist, if the first one is stumped for ideas.